The Business Model Ninja can help you build out and test a disruptive business model strategy and plan to compete in the changing marketplace.

The Ninja House understands that the competitive landscape is evolving every day. A new disruptive business model and capability are critical to getting out front. The Ninja House partners with you to create strategic frameworks such as Ninja-Reverse engineering process to understand what is needed to win and Ninja House Business Model Canvas to outline the market, target, size-of-the-prize, consumer segments, competitive advantages and how-to-win. The Ninja Learning Experiment approach can help you learn about a disruptive idea, build a minimal viable product, garner transactional feedback and optimize or pivot your idea. Ninja House brings experience in Direct-to-Consumer, Business-to-Business, Franchising, Licensing, Pharmaceutical, Retail, US and International on multiple categories.

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Some of the Business Model Ninja Tools

  • New Business Development
  • Business Model Canvas/Framework
  • Ninja-Reverse Engineering
  • Ninja Learning Experiment
  • Activity System