The Brand Ninja can help you establish a profound brand positioning, strategy and plan to win on a competitive battlefield.

The Ninja House will partner with you and leverage the Ninja Toolkit which is essential to winning in a fierce competitive environment.  With tremendous experience fighting several marketing battles, The Ninja House understands what is needed to compete and win.  Our Chief Brand Ninja will seek to understand your unique challenges and can bring a variety of strategic tools such as the Ninja Brand Building Chassis, Ninja Hierarchy Template and Ninja Marketing Map to help you at any brand life cycle stage – start-up, new product, or an established business.

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Some of the Brand Ninja Tools

  • Brand Mission and Vision
  • Business Review
  • Marketing Planning
  • Brand Equity Pyramid
  • Brand Building Chassis
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Moments
  • Business Review
  • Cause Marketing
  • Awareness, Trial and Repeat
  • Brand Hierarchy Template
  • Marketing Plan Map Template